We can install various types of equipment, including Air-Conditioning, Cellar cooling, and cold rooms.  Manufacturer warranties vary depending on the equipment but you can rest easy as all our work comes with a 2 year Guarantee on the Installation. Call for a free Quotation.

Preventative Maintenance Packages
Many faults in the Refrigeration Industry can be prevented through correct maintenance.  In most cases a “Preventative Maintenance Package” will pay for itself as well as saving you energy and money. We offer an incentive discount to our PMP Customers to encourage energy saving. All PMP customers will receive discounted parts on any call outs whilst the package is in place. We provide a free site survey where we will discuss your needs.

Diagnosis and Repair
Inevitably nothing lasts forever.  Even the finest maintenance and engineering in the industry can only prolong the life of certain components.  Should the worst happen we are on hand 24-7 throughout the year, including Bank Holidays, to cater for your needs.