Refrigeration installation and repairs



Refrigeration is not a luxury. We at TheBigGreenRefrigerationCompany understand that in the event of a breakdown it can be a race against time to prevent the loss of expensive perishables.  Not only can breakdowns be a massive inconvenience, they can cost people thousands in ruined goods. This is why we offer annual maintenance packages to suit all types of businesses.  Through correct maintenance unpredictable breakdowns can be eliminated and running costs dramatically decreased.

In the event of a breakdown you can rest easy knowing that we will be “Fast in Response and provide excellent levels of workmanship” whilst providing “a good, low cost service which has as little effect on the environment as possible”.

All spare parts we provide are more efficient than standard replacement parts where possible.  For instance we could replace an 8 year old compressor to exact specification, but using newer technologies which would increase efficiency at the same time as containing more Eco-friendly oils.

All our installs are carried out with the environment in mind.  We have as little impact on the visual and material environment as possible whilst keeping noise pollution and running costs to a minimum. We can repair all types of refrigeration from domestic fridges to Cold Rooms, industrial fridges and everything in between.