Air Conditioning



Air-Conditioning has rapidly become the most efficient way to control our surrounding environment and it is no longer a mere luxury.  With it being used in Operating Theatres through to the Storage of valuable artefacts, it has become a huge industry. With systems that can heat and cool at the press of a button, many people are now choosing Air-Conditioning over conventional heating methods in the home and workplace.  Air-Conditioning will return 3Kw of Heat for every 1Kw used.  There are few other systems that can compete with this sort of efficiency. If you have an environment you need to control the temperature and humidity of you will be hard pushed to beat a modern Air-Conditioner.

We supply many of the leading manufacturer’s equipment such as Fujitsu, Daikin and Panasonic.  All of our systems come installed with a year’s free servicing and varying warranties.  All our installs are designed to have as little impact on the visual environment as possible, as well as keeping noise pollution to a minimum. It is essential to regularly maintain your Air-Conditioner.  If not maintained properly nasty viruses and colds can be spread through the workforce.  It’s also proven that people are more productive between 21 and 23 degrees centigrade. There is now an Air–Conditioner for everyone, from a single system in a server room, through to a ducted system in a Warehouse environment.